You are ready to learn about yourself so you can see the child infront of you?AMAZING!These Courses will help you get there.

Hey Mama, Ever Think, 'Is it just me?'

– Think Again.

  • Ever feel so tapped out from life and your endless to do lists that even the sweet moments just zip by?
  • Worry that those 'mom lost it' moments will be the ones they chat about when they're older?
  • You thought motherhood was all about giggles and cute selfies? What happened?
  • Feel like every the power struggles push you further and further away from each other?
  • That guilt after a shouting match... does it ever make you wonder what they'll remember more: the yelling or the cuddles?

You're not alone. I'm here to help you.

  • Imagine being so present that every little giggle and cuddle imprints on your heart.
  • Picture your kids sharing tales of how you turned every tough spot into a cherished moment.
  • Envision your days filled with those promised giggles and candid selfies.
  • Dream of a bond where each small hiccup actually tightens your connection.
  • See a future where shared love and cuddles eclipse any momentary upset.


RAGE: Stop Yelling and Start Connecting is a foundational course for parents looking to learn how to understand their own triggers. Like what makes you lose your shit when your child is pushing all your buttons. Or how to actually stay calm in those difficult moments. This course is a must if you are a conscious parent and feel stuck, or if you are just getting started in your new parenting journey. It starts with YOU.

Boundaries: Love, Limits, and a Whole Lot Less Yelling will teach you everything you need to know about how to connect with your child and help them want to cooperate rather than fighting you. You'll learn how to decide which boundaries are necessary and how not to give into power struggle. I'll give you the EXACT words to say in before, during and after. Setting boundaries should make your life easier, not harder.



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