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to calm, collected and compassionate for your child and yourself

You don't want to yell at your child, but he just pushes all your buttons.

You try to gentle parent but you just can't seem to break the cycle.

You feel guilty and full of shame at the end of the day.

You are out of control when you are stressed out and on autopilot.



You either continue to fall into mom guilt trap and watch other parents "kill it" on social media.

...or you spend thousands of hours searching for hundreds of different resources and try to make sense of it.

...or you continue being reactive towards your triggers and hope you will eventually "stop".

...or you can finally discover the secret to understanding yourself and your triggers on a deeper and more profound level while also learning how to identify and handle them.

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Imagine if..

Everytime you get triggered you knew the exact steps to regulate yourself

You know how to pretend them to come in full force long term

And you would understand yourself better which helps you see the child in front of you

And you know how to come back calmly repairing moments when you felt like you weren't in control of your own emotions

And best of all, you would actually start enjoying parenting more, because you don't feel like waiting for the next moment your child is trying to "push your buttons"

Learn how to identify your triggers. And how to stop losing your shit! Prevent them from happening because of understanding where they come from.

A revolutionary approach on how to regulate yourself all while connecting with your kids and YOURSELF.

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What's inside the TRIGGERED. workshop?

6 Parts
10 Videos



Trigger Tracker

Ongoing access

Free updates



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What you will learn..

It is POSSIBLE to turn down the volume on your triggers + learn how to go from REACTING to RESPONDING.


There is NOTHING wrong with you for getting triggered.


The Goal is NOT to never get triggered! The Goal is to get triggered AND be able to break the damaging cycles around getting triggered.


3 main types of triggers which explain our “overreactions” + why we can suddenly go from pretty calm to flirting with rage.


HOW to self-regulate your emotions.


What to do after you lose your shit on your kid, to repair and reconnect.


How to break the cycle of parents yelling then sweeping stuff under the rug.

Meet your Coaches

With her revolutionary insights on healing low self-worth, Therapist and Parenting Expert Maggie Nick created Parenting With Perspectacles, a framework to support parents in the thick of parenting while healing their own inner child. She helps parents of toddlers to teens find their way through the hardest, most impossible moments of parenting by providing them with the tools to help both their child AND their inner child feel seen and loved. Maggie teaches parents how to get Perspectacles on and see through their child’s triggering behavior, allowing them to connect on a deep and profound level. Maggie is proud to help parents see their own struggles as opportunities to show their kids how to navigate life as messy, imperfect, wonderful humans.

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Founder, Parenting With Perspectacles

Maggie Nick


Joline Escat

Joline's approach on how to build a strong, authentic relationship within yourself to be able to see the individual child in front of you and create a bond that is build on trust, authenticity and vulnerability. The framework she uses to help parents understand themselves, heal their inner child all while learning how to respectful parent their child is an approach that is different from many. Since the connection between conscious and gentle parenting are connected through the relationship between parent and child. Her clients trust her on a level, were they feel seen, heard, understood and can be their true selves without ever being judge no matter how far along one is in their parenting journey. The belief, that everyone is trying their best at the moment of time and their knowledge helps her students stay openminded for growth and opportunity.

B.A. Early Childhood Pedagogy

Founder mindfulmess mom LLC

This is for you if...

you have a child

you are afraid to "mess up" your kid

you are willing to do the work

you struggle with staying calm

you are ready to change your whole perspective on parenting

This is not for you if...

you are looking for a how to "fix" my child

you are looking for trauma therapy

you aren't open to try new practices

inner child healing is hippie dippie and new age (Trust us we used to think this too)





questions & answers

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who has a child or not. We all get triggered and most of us by our children, but this course is focused on everyone wanting to understand their own triggers on a deeper level.

What is the cost of the TRIGGERED. workshop?

The workshop is $297 if you chose to pay in full.

Is there a payment plan?

YES. You can either pay in full or 3 payments of $113 over the course of 3 months.


How long do I have access to the workshop?

As long as the lifetime of this workshop


Is it self paced?

Yes, you can start and end as many times you want or just rewatch a particular module over time.


I am new to conscious parenting/parenting with perspectacles, is this for me?

Absolutely! If you are then his workshop is the perfect start to dive in. Understanding why you feel out-of control in difficult situations.


I have been practicing conscious parenting for a while how will I benefit?

100%! You’ll learn to continue to heal parts that you aren’t yet aware of through our workshop. You will get a framework that change both our our lives.



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