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CHAOS to Calm

What we will cover:

  • how to identify your trigger and how to turn down the volume for less reactivness

  • what your trauma responses are and how to stop in the middle of them

  • how to apologize, repair with your child when your trigger got the best of you

  • how to re-parent so you exit the shame spiral of "I am such a failure, my kid deserve a better parent"

  • ditch punishment for connection

  • mindset shifts, that help you parent the child in front of you

  • how to set boundaries FOR yourself and how to actually hold them confidently

What is included?

  • 6 week coaching

  • 6 calls (once a week 55 minute)

  • Trigger Tracker Workbook

  • private Conscious Community access

  • direct contact through Voxer to Joline

$899.00 USD or 6x $165.00

Chaos to Calm


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