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Image by Austin Wade


"Why do I always yell at my child?"

"How can I get my child to listen to me?"

"Why am I always so tired?"

"Why does my child behave like this?"

"How can I stop the punishing?"

"How can I not yell at my child?"

"Why am I always so frustrated?"

"Helping your Child manage their emotions, requires you to learn to manage yours first."

- The Gottmann Institute -

First of all, all those feelings, questions and emotions are normal. We all go through it, we all have been there! We are a generation of cycle breakers, you being here means that you are already conscious of a need to change, even though staying unconscious would be the easy way out. Parenting by default, like we know, not having to see our own faults and flaws nor having to deal with those hard feelings that come up from our past. But honestly this would be the harder way, the anxiety would stay, feeling helpless in the moment when our children need us the most would continue and we would just fill their baggage with our own negative experiences, instead of them making their own.

I am here to help you to start loving your parenting journey

6 Week Plan

Re-parenting yourself to be able to respectful, gentle parent your little one

I am here to help you become the parent who you want and meant to be, help you deal with your unsolved inner child trauma. After our coaching sessions you will understand your triggers and learn how to respond in a respectful way. Our biggest goal will be to truly, deeply connect with your child, to understand their developmental stage and why they behave certain ways. We will find strategies that will fit you and your family.

You don't have to stay were you are, there is always room to change and grow.

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