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Mother and Child



by Joline Escat

Are you dreading to tell your little one "No" or "We have to leave now", just because you now what comes next?


Does this sound familiar?

Sad on Couch
  • You have no freaking idea what to do when your child screams and yells at you after you tell them "No"

  • You rather not set a boundary at all so you don't need to deal with the aftermath

  • You feel like the power struggles never end and you are exhausted of explaining "Why".

  • You feel so disrespected by your little one not listening to you?

  • The only way to "get" your child to cooperate is through yelling

Setting a boundary can be exhausting if it feels like a constant fight.



  • your boundaries would not turn into a power struggle everytime

  • you would know exactly how to meet your child when they are having a hard time with your set boundary

  • What if you could help your children develop the skills to set their own boundaries?

  • your family could have a happier, more harmonious life where conflicts lead to growth and connection?

  • trust and respect between you and your children could help you work together as a team?

  • you could stay calm and regulated, when your child does pushback

Mother and Daughter

Let me teach you how...


Hi, I am Joline Escat,
Founder of mindfulmess mom & a Mom who also had to learn how to regulate. 

And I thought birth would be the hardest part of becoming a Mom, ha! What a time. The first time I was triggered by my sons intense crying, I heard my moms words come flying out of my mouth and I was in shock. I shamed myself and had no idea how to fix it. On one hand my subconsciousness told me he needed to fix my feelings for the way he behaved. But I knew that this was not on him. This was my responsibility. That was the day EVERYTHING changed. I started to understand my triggers, learned to take care of myself and most importantly how to apologize, because to be totally honest, you will get triggered and reactive, especially in the beginning of your conscious parenting journey. It is a process but it is possible to show up as your calm, conscious and confident self.

In this Class you will learn how to...


-This Class is a recording

-$59 onetime investment OR payment plan available (price will go up to $97 after tonight)

-It is for you to keep, rewatch with your partner or in chunks, because, well hello Momlife we don't always have a full hour.

-BOUNDARIES, will teach you how to even mentally prepare for setting a boundary, to communicate it so your child will actually hear you to staying calm when they pushback on them.

(I am not going to pretend like your little on will stop pushing your boundary, because they still will, no one like to be told "no", am I right?)

-BUT you will learn how to be confident in your boundary, so that no matter what will come you won't give in or end up yelling.



Parenting is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
When we take the time to understand & accept ourselves, we can show up for our children in a more authentic, compassionate way.

Let's set Calm but Confident


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