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I studied Early Childhood Development in Germany, with my final dissertation on writing a Thesis about "How" and "If" children are able to build resilience based off a strong connection and bond with their primary caregiver. 

While finishing College I worked part time as a Flight attendant experiences different cultures and people, as well as being a Kindergarten teacher.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to help anyone and everyone, my Dad used to say: "You can't save them all!", but if I start with one person at a time, I might be able to change a whole generation.


I am very passionate about working with parents, caregivers and teachers, who are trying to change their way of parenting by re-parenting themselves. When that process is becoming a daily reminder of trying over and over again, you will be actually able to see your child for who they truly are and treat them with kindness and respect.

I believe that this is only possible, if we become who WE are first.

Through my own childhood and it's trauma, I've come to the realisation (like most of us), that I am going to parent totally different than my parents! But let's be honest, when I actually became a Mother I noticed "oh shoot, exactly the parts I didn't want to take over came so naturally to me!" But why is that? Through my college years I've learned a lot about our unconscious behaviours, our triggers that get easily pulled without our brain being able to stay calm, so I knew I had to learn to unlearn. Which led me to dive deep into the early childhood development to understand how I can see my child as who he is without my own wishes, wants and needs.

And it worked.

I started to learn more about consciousness, gentle and responsive parenting to find the perfect mix for my family.

Ever since I was able to help families, teachers and individuals thrive in their own way, their personal way. After they became mindful of their own true self, they were able to accept and see their children with different eyes.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities I get to change my life by consciously learning as well as growing with others.

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